Message from the Mackeys

Our vision:  "Come in as a customer--leave as a friend!"  We use recipes and ingredients to enhance people's lives. Great food is one of the few things that bring many people together. It's a universal language for Love. We do our best to serve Love every time we serve our customers, so they become our friends—and even friends with each other. Our business is unique because “there is no place like home.” We are home when you need a place to go. We changed our logo to have only a mouth because everyone has to eat, and we feel that we don't have the right to refuse service.  We cook our food the way we eat it and we will share it with love!

This is a “Mom and Pop” establishment which mixes quick-service style and comfortable seating. In our community there is a need for a place that has comfort food and is a place to go where you feel like you are home. It’s a break from fast food and impersonal service.  It’s a place to smile. It’s place to create memories and experience “firsts”! (For many, it’s the first time having Beignets when they can't get to the Bayou!!) We believe in investing in our community. We are creating family fun in a warm environment which you will want to tell your friends and family about!

We created a product that we wanted and couldn't find locally. We serve a taste of New Orleans’ style cooking, such as Gumbo, Jambalaya, Shrimp Po’ Boys, Beignets, and we’ve added Hugs & Love. We do our best to sell delicious food and provide great service. It is our pleasure to inspire others to treat each other in a caring manner. We have marketed through word-of-mouth and social media because we want to be more than a coupon!

We are a conversation between friends!!



Tuesday - 11AM - 8PM
Wednesday - 11AM - 8PM
Thursday - 11AM - 8PM
Friday -11AM - 9PM
Saturday -11AM - 9PM